Tips when choosing a locksmith

Published on 2 April 2024 at 14:48

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A lock being picked open

If your looking for an emergency locksmith the chances are that you need assistance fairly quickly. This is a time of high stress and vulnerability, where you need help from someone you can trust!

The following are a few tips to consider when choosing a local locksmith:

• When searching for anything on Google, the first couple of results that appear are "sponsored". This just means that they are high ranking paid for advertisements. 
Locksmith results in this "sponsored" section may advertise their prices starting from £39/49. These companies are generally not local but national and the prices advertised can be misleading

• If you scroll past these advertisements you will find what's called the Google 3-pack. Here you will find the top three rated local locksmiths in your area. 

• Once you find a local locksmith you now need to do a bit of research and look if they have any reviews. Look for how recent the reviews are and what customers have said about the service they received.

• Ideally you want to do this for a couple of companies. You should contact these locksmiths and provide as much detail to them as possible about what you require. This way you should be able to get fairly accurate quotes to compare.

• Remember, some of the best recommendations you can acquire will always be word of mouth. 
Do you have a friend or relative who has personally used a local locksmiths services and can give you a first hand account of their experience?

At Black Country Locksmith we have spent over three years gathering over 200, 5 ⭐️ reviews to become Walsalls highest rated and most trusted local and emergency locksmith.






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