Locksmith services 

A picture of a damaged lock and handle and a picture of the same thing repaired
Window with damaged hinges before and after repair

There are many services that we offer. 

These include:



  • upvc door adjustments and servicing
  • gearbox and mechanism service, repair and replacements 
  • broken key extraction 
  • locks replaced and upgraded
  • opening and repairing locked/jammed doors
  • fresh lock installations on interior and exterior doors
  • we can open and repair garage doors




  • open locked windows
  • close windows that are damaged
  • replace gearboxes and mechanisms
  • replace damaged hinges
  • we can also replace broken and misted window panes!

Other Services

we offer opening services on almost any kind of locks from suitcases to cabinets, to safes and car doors!

We pride ourselves on NONE DESTRUCTIVE ENTRY! Where this is not an option we can guarantee that a new lock will be included with your original quoted price!

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