What lock do you have?

Published on 19 March 2024 at 09:31

Upon answering every call to someone looking for a lockmsith in Walsall, and speaking to customers, the first question I ask is...

What kind of lock do you have?

3 different kinds of locks that are common on homes

The 3 main types of locks found on doors are:


A UPVC (or plastic as some people refer to it) door has a multi-point locking system. Upon lifting the handle various  hooks/bolts lock into the frame. A key can then turn in the euro (or barrel) lock to both lock and unlock the door.

There are many types of euro cylinders found with these doors but the minimum that should be installed is an anti snap lock. These can make a huge difference in stopping potential break ins. 

These systems can also be found on composite, aluminium and wooden doors. 

2. Mortice

A mortice lock generally comes in 2 types, a sash lock and a deadbolt. These are most commonly fitted to wooden doors but can be found on things like containers. 

These locks are recessed into a door and usually use a key on both sides ( although a euro lock can be found instead at times)

Mortice locks come in 3 and 5 levers generally. 5 lever locks will be found on front/back doors where the extra security is needed. 3 lever locks are generally found on interior doors such as offices, where the higher level of protection isn't necessary.

The only difference between the locks is that a sash lock has a latch which can be operated with a handle, where as a deadbolt does not and is just in/locked with a key.


3. Nightlatch

A Nightlatch is fitted to the interior of your door with a locking cylinder fitted to the outside. These are the kind of locks where you can pull the door too behind you and the door will be secure. Nightlatches should be accompanied on a main door with a mortice lock to improve the level of security. These locks can have high lock out rates as it's easy for the doors to shut behind you or leave your keys and not be able to gain entry again. 

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